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Lunch & Learn Webinar: Using Specialized Technology to assess a fair settlement

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Although most laws dictate a 50/50 split between divorcing spouses, most single spouses cannot live comfortably on 50% of what the couple made while they were married.

Join Phil Lubinski, CFP® & Lili Vasileff, CFP®, MAFF, CDFA® for a webinar produced in partnership with our affiliate partner, Income Conductor. During this webinar you will learn how the responsibility of wealth accumulation has shifted from a 3 legged stool to a wobbly 2 legged partnership.  Longevity is no longer a chronological difference, but instead a longevity gap.  Divorce settlements are no longer a simple division of assets, but more importantly an assessment of needs and an understanding of unique features different assets may have relative to income potential, taxation and wealth transfer.

This webinar presents the challenge we face as divorce financial planners when there is insufficient income to support two households. In this case study we examine how clients would have been in trouble even if they stay married.  Why? Because a dose of reality helps clients better confront their unrealistic expectations early on in the process and deal with their conflicting goals for outcome. We are not magicians, but we can help educate and steer our clients away from many financial planning pitfalls.  This webinar will demonstrate how to illuminate options for improving long-term results.  Clients love visuals and we can show how changing assumptions impacts income potential, wealth accumulation and wealth transfer.

We can assess their needs based on many variables:
1.    Longevity
2.    L-Gap
3.    Taxation
4.    Inflation (not all expenses inflate the same)
5.    Investment Risk (Husband and wife may have very different risk tolerances, resulting in very different balances to create the same level of income)

Our Case Study is your “average” divorce with spouses who have been working hard, putting kids through college, with moderate savings.  Add another tool to your  skill set and learn about Income Conductor!

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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Eastern

Setting: Live Virtual

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